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The Bauer headquarters

The Bauer factory, located north of the city of Trento, is the first building certified according to LEED Italian 2009 NC standards with a gold rating worldwide. Let’s find out why:

On the roof there is a roof garden with 2,600 square metres of green roofing. This is a small happy oasis which, thanks to the plants’ ability to absorb heat, provides ample thermal insulation, reduces water runoff and mitigates the microclimate.

Rainwater collected from the roof is reused for irrigation, sanitation and, if necessary, cooling.

The photovoltaic panel system and solar collectors guarantee 23% of the total energy consumed.

In 2019 Bauer has further invested in renewable energy and environmentally friendly energy production through the installation of 5 innovative fuel cell micro-cogenerators that produce electricity and thermal energy, with high efficiency, to serve the production plant.

Each micro-cogeneration module produces 13,000 kWh per year of electrical energy for a total of 65,000 kWh, giving Bauer approximately 60% self-sufficiency, and 5200 kWh per year of thermal energy for a total of 26,000 kWh per year.

In particular, regarding CO2 savings, from the installation of the micro-cogenerators (June 2019) to today, April 2020, Bauer has emitted 11 tons LESS CO2, with no greenhouse gas emissions (sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides).