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“The die is cast!”,
said Caesar as he crossed the Rubicon.
“The die is made!”,
say the children after class.

“What die are we talking about?”
“The Bauer die, naturally,
That is the organic stock-cube that many people use”.

In Gardolo, we find the Bauer company
that with great skill makes stock-cubes in quantity.
Children of the elementary school in Cles were its guests for a day
And each took a stock-cube homeward on their way.

Dressed up for the occasion,
they mixed ingredients with much dedication.
They packaged a special cube of broth,
that they can’t wait to taste, without any sloth.

Who knows how Mom’ll use it in the kitchen?
To flavour the roast, and season the dishes and…
earn the title of “superfine chef”.

So long live the Bauer cube, that’s really good,
the organic cube that places quality first!

Written by 3rd grade children of the
elementary school in Cles (near Trento).