Food ideas that please any palate.

Put yourself to the test! It’s the best way to appreciate the potential of Bauer preparations: when just a simple stock-cube is not like the others, you can tell the difference. Happy cooking and happy eating!


Bauer specialties are not intended for great gourmet dishes only . Their flavour, which originates in Nature, can indeed enhance elaborate fares, but also improve the easy-to-prepare dishes that are so good for day-to-day eating. From classic broth to mouth-watering sauces, our product line can satisfy those who prefer simplicity as well as the most demanding gourmands. Risottos and pasta, meat dishes, fish specialties, vegetables…and for bolder connoisseurs, even desserts! Bauer products can provide your dishes with that extra touch of taste. In a natural way.

take it from the chef

Like Bauer, Chef Peter Brunel is a genuine “product” of Trentino. Born in 1975 at Soraga (Val di Fassa), he’s been working with great figures of the Trentino and Italian cuisine since he was very young. He earned his first Michelin star when he was only 28!
Today, he’s the chef at a famous Florentine restaurant, a guest on well-known TV programmes and a contributor to prestigious magazines devoted to food and wine. Foremost in his dishes are excellent basic ingredients, genuine products and a balanced experimentation. Who’d be a better choice for representing the world of Bauer?


Follow them step-by-step, or have fun enhancing them with your personal creativity: the video-recipes by Michelin star-winner Peter Brunel revisit the traditional cuisine of every region of Italy, while improving their flavour with Bauer‘s extra touch of taste. Try them all out and tell us about your own creations on our social network sites.


Since we’ve been adding flavour to your recipes for more than 90 years, we’ve decided to share our own recipes with you. Our practical cookbooks will gratify you with small gems of taste that are based on Trentino cuisine and on a passion for doing things right, with simplicity and naturalness. Add a pinch of creativity and mix in the goodness of our products, which are made only with excellent basic ingredients, production processes that are slow and delicate, and fine craftsmanship. Then, bring your creation to the table and…happy eating!