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We use an ingredient that’s good for everyone: sustainability.

We like to consider sustainability as a concept in the round, which is why we choose basic ingredients and production processes that are environmentally friendly. We also support projects that raise the awareness of tomorrow’s adults and at the same time, we take decisive action to aid those who are having problems.

an idea for the future

Our decisions for a sustainable tomorrow.

Considering today what the future holds in store for tomorrow: that’s the idea behind each and every decision and activity at Bauer’s, the idea that directs us on a daily basis as we apply our policy of sustainable production. Handcrafted care, special attention to separating and recovering waste, and constant research into improved processes that save water and energy enable us to reach Italian homes every day with products that are rich in flavour and have low environmental impact. But since this alone is not enough, we believe in naturalness, support the organic concept, promote programs in schools and other educational institutions, and sustain projects for helping people who are undergoing hard times. Because we’re convinced that our tomorrow begins today.

a great family

Our values are everyone’s values.

Family has always been an important part of our company’s DNA. It’s the target group of our products, and it’s the founding core of the company and a positive concept for our employees. Devoted to the spirit and values that inspired the creation of Bauer, we are always highly concerned that our employees and their families enjoy a serene frame of mind. It’s an ongoing commitment that we renew each day, in ways that include our recent participation in the “Family Audit” project, the purpose of which is to further improve the degree of satisfaction felt by the people who work at Bauer’s, especially by reconciling job and family.

our green headquarters

An advanced, environmentally sustainable company.

Located north of the city of Trento, the Bauer production facility is the first building in the world to be certified as meeting the LEED Italian 2009 NC standard with a Gold rating: from the choice of materials to advanced energy and water systems, sustainability is assured. Without a doubt, the most innovative feature is the hanging garden: 2500 m2 of green roofing. This miniature oasis provides plenty of thermal insulation, reduces water outflow, dampens noise pollution and tames the local microclimate, thanks to the plants’ ability to absorb heat.
Nothing is left to chance. Rainwater collected from the roof is recycled for use in bathrooms, for irrigation and, if necessary, for cooling. A photovoltaic system and solar panels provide 23% of the total energy consumed. These advanced systems reduce the CO2 emissions by some 123.9 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide that can be absorbed by 25 hectares of forests.

The Bauer headquarters

Our rooftop.

in schools

Educational projects, according to Nature.

We could talk about the effort we make every day to ensure that our region will have a sustainable future, or about the countless initiatives we’ve taken over time to reach future adults, such as guided tours of our teaching garden for young students, ongoing cooperation with universities for training the workers of the future, synergy with other partners for promoting a culture of sustainability (a good example is our most recent joint project with Giunti Editore, by which more than 550,000 books on sustainability were donated to children and are now available in school libraries) and cuisine showcases for students, in order to raise awareness and increase knowledge of healthy nutrition. But none of this equals the excitement and satisfaction we felt when we read this short poem written with a big heart.

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sports and the local area

Great heart made in Trento

Our love of Trentino is natural and unconditional. It’s also a pledge we renew every day with our actions. That’s why we were among the first to join the Aquila Basket Trento consortium project, along with other prestigious local companies. This decision was made with the heart, to foster the healthy values of sports excellence and a correct, healthy lifestyle that could set an example for young people in the Trentino area and beyond.