Bauer‘s new headquarters have been awarded the LEED Italy NC 2009 certification with a Gold rating, thus confirming the environmental sustainability of our buildings at a level that had never been reached before by any project in any part of the world. The special green roof covering the facility – over 2500 m2 of natural waterproofing – provides multiple advantages from the energy and economic standpoints, such as improved thermal insulation in both summer and winter, fewer peaks in water outflow, taming of the local microclimate, and retention of fine dust. Also, a special rainwater storage system reduces the need to use drinking water for irrigation.

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

In 2002, the Bauer production system was certified by the CSQA certification agency as complying with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard. The main purpose of this international standard is to improve the performance of companies and enhance the quality of goods and services on an ongoing basis.

Bauer started producing organic stock cubes as early as 1997 and obtained ICEA certification. A special line that includes vegetable stock preparations based on yeast extract – Granular Broth and Vegetable Stock cube – guaranteed Organic.

In 2015 our Bio line was further enriched, thanks to the certification obtained by the Granular Bio Chicken and the Granular Bio Meat and at the end of 2018 by the organic vegetable stock cubes with spices. (turmeric, ginger, curry, saffron and miso).

In 2020 we decided to rely on CSQA, authorised for organic certification, for this production specification as well. CSQA Certifications is associated with IFOAM, the international federation of organic farming movements, both at global level, IFOAM Organics International, and at regional level, IFOA EU group.


The Global Standard for Food Safety issues international certifications of compliance with the highest standards of food safety and hygiene along the entire supply chain. Bauer was awarded this certification in 2012 as complying with stringent standards regarding:

– the establishment of an HACCP system (for the identification and self-monitoring of critical points in the production process)
– the documentation of a quality management system
– the standards for workplace environments, products, production processes and personnel
– all steps in production: from the packaging of basic ingredients to the disposal of waste, including the personnel’s sanitary standards.


The International Food Standard is the benchmark used to select only the finest suppliers that provide safe products which comply with applicable law. In addition to mandating a quality system, it includes 250 requirements, with particular emphasis on:

– basic ingredients
– finished products
– intermediate products
– suppliers
– waste collection and disposal
– sanitary standards for personnel
– building location
– production processes

We, at Bauer, are extremely proud to have obtained this quality certification in 2012.


All Bauer products are certified gluten-free and therefore perfect for inclusion in the diet of those suffering from coeliac disease.


In July 2017 Bauer has obtained the Vegetarian quality certification for many of its products.

The model shall be promoted by the AVI (Italian Vegetarian Association) with the legal guarantee of CSQA that’s the first Italian food auditor authority .

The products certified as vegetarian and vegan are:
Vegetal stock cube
Organic vegetal stock cube
Porcini mushroom stock cube
Vegetalbrodo, granular
Vegetalbrodo, single-serving sachets 4g
Vegetable Instant granular stock
Vegetable Organic Instant granular stock
Vegetalbrodo, single-serving sachets 4g
Arostina – Seasoning with herbs and spices
Arostina – Seasoning with garlic and parsley
Fungarella – Instant mushrooms mix
Goulash – Instant sauce mix


The Product Environmental Footprint is a methodology that regulates the calculation, evaluation, third party validation and communication to all stakeholders of the environmental footprint of products and services.


CSQA Certification: Shared Value, which recognises a virtuous path towards sustainability objectives and strategies, in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects.


Halal certification guarantees that Bauer products comply with Islamic doctrine. This quality, supply chain and product certification guarantees that as well as complying with Italian and European hygiene and safety laws, Bauer products are also prepared in accordance with Sharia law.