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Our deliciousness
is your specialty

We have made deliciousness our mission since 1929.

Carefully selected, high-quality ingredients are the starting point for our pre-prepared products, which have no artificial seasonings, additives glutamate or gluten.
And this is sure to be noticed by the sophisticated palate of a chef like you.

The way ingredients are processed and transformed always guarantees the HIGHEST BAUER QUALITY, which can be counted on, especially when used in food service.

serving professionals like you

Food service professionals can count on the Bauer Chef Pre-Prepared Granules to create exceptional dishes that enhance their great flavors and aroma.
The instant dissolvability and the method of exclusively processing ingredients at a low temperature while vacuum-sealed prevent the aromas and flavors of the ingredients from disappearing.
Along with this comes a meticulous and strict selection of raw ingredients.

the winning recipe?

Slow processing and excellent raw ingredients as well as versatility, yield and authentic flavor. This is truly the winning recipe for professionals who choose Bauer Chef.

what makes us unique


  • The ingredient list for all our products consists solely of high-quality ingredients
  • High quantities of vegetable extracts and oils
  • NO glutamate. NO seasonings. NO additives
  • AUTHENTIC FLAVOR (that doesn’t have unpleasant “aftertastes”)
  • EXCELLENT YIELD For example, with 16gr of product, you get 1 liter of stock

the touch of a master

Thanks to their quality, Bauer Chef products allow you to add an extra touch to your professional dishes, even at the last minute.
A stock made with our granules in a few minutes is as good as one made by a chef like you, but with much less time.