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1928- 29

Augusto Bauer, a native of Trentino, starts an import business for chicken stock-cubes from Berlin.  Negotiations with the supplier in Berlin then begin on introducing a production line of stock-cubes in Trentino as well. Augusto’s brother Edoardo moves to Berlin to learn the secrets of production.


With the economic depression, imports grind to a halt.  The time is ripe for beginning the new adventure of producing stock-cubes in Trentino.


Augusto and Edoardo found the first company in Italy that specialises in the manufacture of chicken stock-cubes.  The first Bauer production facility is set up in the San Martino neighbourhood of Trento.


Restrictions by the Italian regime on the production of chicken stock-cubes induce Bauer to expand its line of products to include beef stock-cubes.


Bucking the trend set by other producers, Bauer continues to place its bets on the quality and naturalness of its products, by continuing to use desiccation – a technique that’s healthier and more genuine, even though more expensive.


Augusto’s sons Carlo Alberto and Claudio, become ambassadors of good taste with the creation of the company’s first products inspired by the culinary tradition of Trentino, as the company launches a line of flavour enhancers named Gulasch, Strangolapreti, Fungarella, Backfish, Arostina and Peverada. Bauer‘s touch of extra flavour from Trentino begins pleasing the palates of people all over Italy.


Thanks to its traditional production methods, masterful culinary craftsmen and painstaking selection of top-quality ingredients, Bauer becomes one of the most appreciated Trento-based companies in Italy. It is during these years that the first small cube formats are developed. Sold in bulk or in the classic two-cube box, they’re discontinued in the late 1970s, to be revived in the early 1990s.


A terrible fire breaks out in the factory and guts a section of the production line, which is completely restored with new equipment, while the original spirit, hand-made craftsmanship and traditional production techniques remain the same.


The company introduces Vegetalbrodo, a brand-new product in Italy, the first 100% vegetable granular broth that dissolves instantly when it hits boiling water and contains no gluten or MSG.


After years of hard work, ICEA certification is finally granted. Bauer can now introduce a product line that is completely organic and certified:  the Bio vegetable stock-cubes and the Bio vegetable granular broth.


The proud end result of our corporate philosophy is inaugurated: our new headquarters, completely environmentally sustainable.  It’s the first of its kind in Italy – and the world – to receive the prestigious LEED certification with a Gold rating.


Bauer‘s family of organic products is expanded to include the Bauer Bio beef stock-cubes  and the Bauer Bio granular broth, along with the Bauer Bio chicken broth in cube and granular forms. The decision to “go organic” enhances flavour with even greater naturalness.


Bauer has made a decisive new step by enriching its Organic Line with two new products that are truly exclusive to the market: the BIO spicy vegetable stock cubes and the BIO Miso vegetable stock cube, ICEA certified.
A journey in the East among spices and exotic notes, with the proposal of 4 new BIO spicy Vegetable stock cubes, each of which contains and tells an oriental delight: BIO Ginger stock cube, BIO Curry stock cube, BIO Turmeric stock cube, and BIO Saffron stock cube.
Thanks to the new spicy organic stock cubes, it will be easy and immediate to flavour ethnic and traditional recipes, without the need to add other aromas.