Cream of sea food soup



a carrot
an onion
60 g of butter
40 g of flour
2 sole fillets
8 fresh prawns
an organic lemon
half a glass of dry white wine
200 g of fresh cream
half a litre of fish broth made with:

  • half a litre of water
  • a tablespoon of Bauer fish granules

fresh parsley

By Lidia Mattiazzi


Chop the carrot and onion finely.
Place the butter in a pan, melt it and gently stir in the vegetables. Shell half of the prawns.
Flour the fillets of sole and shelled prawns and cook in butter with vegetables. Once the fish is cooked, add salt and pepper then sprinkle with the peel of the grated lemon, simmer with white wine and evaporate.
In the glass of the blender combine the cooked fish and all the remaining cooking liquids, the fresh cream, yolk, broth, parsley and blend everything very finely.
Place in a serving bowl.
In the same pan where the fish was cooked, sautee the non-shelled shrimp for a few seconds, so as not to overcook.
Serve hot in four soup bowls and place a sautee shrimp on each one.