Guinea fowl in tecia



4/5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 guinea fowl in pieces
1 peeled carrot
1 celery rib
1 small clean onion
1 clove of garlic
Fresh sage and rosemary
8/10 pitted black olives
12 new potato chips, peeled and steamed, very al dente
1 tablespoon of double tomato paste
250 ml of broth (obtained with 250 ml of water and a teaspoon of Bauer Organic Granular Meat)
Salt, if necessary
Freshly ground black pepper


Cut the carrot, celery and onion into coarse pieces.

Pour the oil into a heavy saucepan of cast iron or earthenware then arrange, in a single layer, the guinea fowl in pieces, the carrots, celery, onion, clove of garlic, sage and rosemary, olives and potatoes.

Heat and brown a little.

Dissolve the tomato paste in the hot broth and pour it into the pot, just to cover everything (you may not need everything).

To speed things up, you can sprinkle with Granular and dissolve the concentrate in hot water, it will be just as good.

Cook by lowering the heat for about 1 hour: it will be ready when the liquid has almost totally evaporated and the meat will easily detach from the bone using a fork with little pressure.

Season with salt and pepper. Remove the clove of garlic.

If you want, you can remove the meat, olives and potatoes, set them to one side and mix the rest to have a sauce, otherwise, serve as is.