Mini medallions of boiled meat accompanied by a spicy curry sauce



For the medallions
300 gr of lean beef for bollito
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
1 onion
2 bay leaves
A few whole cloves
1 teaspoon of Bauer Gulasch seasoning
500 ml water
1 large egg
50 gr grated Parmesan cheese
A few springs of fresh parsley
4 slices of sandwich loaf bread
1 pinch salt
Breadcrumbs, as needed.
Sunflower oil


For the sauce
20 gr butter
2 Golden apples
1 medium-large white onion
3/4 Bauer Bio Curry vegetable stock cube
Curry powder, to taste
1/2 glass hot water
Salt and pepper to taste


Created By: Debora Vivian


  1. Start by preparing the boiled meat. In a large pot pour 1 liter of water. Add the washed and peeled vegetables, the cloves, the bay leaves and the Bauer Goulash seasoning. Bring gently to a boil and then add the beef. Lower the heat and let it cook, taking care to eliminate the foam resulting from cooking the meat with a skimmer. Add a few peppercorns and cook gently for at least 3 hours, until the meat is thoroughly cooked and tender. Then, drain the meat and let it cool on a plate. Remove also the carrot used for the boiled meat and keep it aside.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare the apple sauce. In a saucepan melt the butter and add the finely chopped onion. Add the cleaned and diced apples and the Bauer Bio Curry stock cube. Cover with some warm water and let it cook gently, stirring constantly until the apples are nice and soft. At this point, with the help of a mixer, blend everything until you obtain a thick cream. Season with salt and pepper and add the curry powder, to obtain a sauce with a more intense flavor.
  3. Now, prepare the medallions. Cut the boiled meat very finely with a knife. Roughly blend the slices of bread (you can also use hard bread softened with milk), and in a large bowl add the various ingredients: the meat, bread, chopped parsley, grated cheese, egg and the boiled carrot finely cut. Stir the mixture helping yourself with your hands. Then, start portioning out the mixed ingredients into about 40 gr. balls. Use a 6 cm diameter round pastry cutter to give each ball the shape of a medallion, then pass the medallions in the breadcrumbs. Heat the sunflower oil and when it reaches the correct temperature, cook the medallions on both sides for a few minutes. Place to dry on paper towel and then serve still hot accompanied by the apple and curry sauce and, if you like, some diced tomatoes flavored with thyme.