For the pasta:
200g of all-purpose flour
2 medium eggs

For the stuffing:
Half guinea fowl, in pieces
20 g of butter
20 g of extra virgin olive oil
Sage, rosemary, thyme to taste
2 garlic cloves
1 small cup of white wine
20 g of Bauer Brown Sauce
40 g of Grana Padano cheese, grated
1 small egg
Breadcrumbs to taste

For the sauce:
40 g of milk
40 g of cream
40 g of Grana Padano cheese, grated


by Barbara Fontanel


  1. In a saucepan, brown the guinea fowl with butter, oil and garlic, then add the white wine and let it evaporate.
  2. Add the herbs and a little bit of salt and pepper, then pour the water (or stock) and let the meat cook slowly.
  3. In the meantime, mix the Brown Sauce with cold water and add it to the cooked meat. Let it thicken and turn off the heat. Let it cool down, before continuing with the other steps.
  4. Prepare the tortelloni’s stuffing: place 3 or 4 tablespoons of cooking juices in a pastry bag, then strip the guinea fowl meat off the bones, take 200 g of meat, chop it with a knife and mix it with the egg, Grana Padano and breadcrumbs up to the desired consistency. Place it in the fridge.
  5. Knead the fresh pasta dough, let it rest for 30 minutes, then roll it with a pasta maker.
  6. Use a 6 cm pasta ring to cut the pasta, then stuff it with the guinea fowl stuffing and a drop of hardened cooking juice. Close it in a crescent moon shape, sealing the edges well.
  7. Cook the tortelloni in salted boiling water and serve them over a Grana Padano fondue made with the cheese, milk and cream.


NOTES: This recipe can be made in different steps, in order for the stuffing and the cooking juices to be cold when you stuff the pasta. If you don’t like fondue, you can also flavour the tortelloni with the guinea fowl cooking juices.